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Have muscle strain or injury, neck or back pain? Deep Tissue / Sports Massage will reduce the pain and discomfort. It may reduce or eliminate the need to use painkilling medication and pain relief gel. 


 Kinesio Taping

  “Kinesio taping® (KT) is a taping technique extensively used in rehabilitation of sports injuries.” It relieves pain, reduces inflammation and relaxes muscles, also it supports muscles during a sporting event.

€30 (30 mins)

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Sports Massage

Highly recommended for those who enjoy sports and an active life.  Treat your tired & strained body with a deep-tissue sports massage.

It will help to increase your flexibility, reduce muscle spasm, improve joint mobility and posture.

It speeds up the recovery process and enhances performance.

Electrotherapy (ultrasound, TENS, Faradic muscle toning, Audio Sonic Therapy)  is used to enhance the tissue repair process and to control pain levels.

€50 (60 mins)


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